MKMP-337 - Kanon Kanade

MKMP-337 - Scenes

Friday night ... I was taken home under the pretext of being caressed by two senior female employees who shared a room at a welcome party in a department. I was asked for Ji-Po until the room was emptied all weekend, and I was soaked in sex until Monday morning ... Sachiko Kanon Kanon

金曜の夜…部署内の歓迎会で酔いつぶれルームシェアする先輩女子社員2人に介抱という名目でお持ち帰りされた僕。週末は部屋でずっと空っぽになるまでチ●ポを求められ月曜の朝までセックス漬けでした… 佐知子 奏音かのん