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Maria Ozawa 小澤マリア (おざわまりあ) is a beautiful audiovisual actress. From Canadian French father and Japanese mother, this gave her a unique beauty with exotic features and a beautiful slim body and perfect large breasts. She is a legendary audiovisual actress who became popular in early 2000. -I went to an international school during my school days and belonged to the Big Hockey Club. The opportunity to make an AV debut is what attracted me. After retiring from an AV actress, he continues performing arts activities in the Philippines and is co-owner of the luxurious living room in Manila. Parallel to entertainment activities, such as appearing in the cinema. Maria Ozawa debuted as an exclusive actress at S1 in October 2005. In December, she won the S1 Supreme Award for Newcomer Award. They appear in many audiovisual images. I will be decorating a debut striptease in 2007. She retired as an audiovisual actress in 2010. After that, she started entertainment activities in China and the Philippines. I continue my entertainment activities both in Japan and abroad, mainly in Southeast Asia.

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