Arina Hashimoto

Arina Hashimoto 橋本ありな (はしもとありな) is a beautiful AV actress who made her debut at the age of 19. A wonderful smile, a beautiful slender body similar to a model ,beautiful gestures and the elegant style of an idol with a height of 166 cm. She debuted in AV in January 2016 as an exclusive actress for S1. Before his debut on AV, he acted like an erotic idol. She is a novice AV actress who is making her official debut as an S1 AV actress and is expected to play an active role in her idol-like style and appearance.

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完全固定されて身動きが取れない橋本ありな 腰がガクガク砕けるまでイッてもイッても止めない無限ピストンSEX(S1 NO.1 STYLE)
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